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Uniform of invisibility

Who wears an uniform and why? Members of different organizations or clubs that want or need to show that they belong to that particular organization, right? And still, what is the purpose of a uniform?

For a policeman, firefighter, medic, soldier, the uniform is the a mark that tells you that whoever wears it has the right to pull you over and ask for you papers, brake your door with an ax and trash you home, cut you open and stick needles in you or shoot you, all for the good of the society they are protecting, of course.

For a kid, going to school, a big, bearded and tattooed biker and trekkie fans, it’s a way of showing and expressing belonging to a certain group, with it’s own rules and rituals.

And now, there are the security guys at the subway in Bucharest. These guys are dressed in black, with a cap on their head and sit in a corner, sometimes a dark corner. It’s so easy to miss them that the whole purpose of them being there is gone. They role is to show that a person who has the right to bang you on the head and keep you until the police gets there, is present. Of course, you should do something bad to get that bang on the head, I don’t encourage abuse of power here or something like that. they are there to intimidate and discourage unwanted behavior, they are there to give a (false?) sens of security to the people who do respect the law. They are there to assure you that the chances of somebody snatching your bag are very little. And how do they do that? They hide in a corner…

Uniforms are there as much for show as they are useful and this is why. Uniforms should not be invisible, especially in law enforcement.

Would you pay attention to this guy, in traffic?

Traffic Police

Would you be intimidated by this guy?

Riot police

Would you notice these guys?

Mounted riot police

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